Malaysia Public Policy Competition: a competition which keeps your stress level sky high, deprives you of sleep and makes you wish you had 48 hours in a day to get through the 3-day Residential Challenge.

You’ve probably heard a lot about MPPC along the lines above. And it’s true; MPPC  is a truly evil and terrifying competition — the worst youth competition in Malaysia. Here are 3 absolutely valid reasons why you should never, ever, participate in this competition.


1. It makes you sleep-deprived.

You know that it is commonly recommended that we should get at least 7 hours of sleep a day, right? Well, you definitely get that 7 hours during the Residential Challenge… 7 hours over the span of 3 days that is. You work on your proposal all night long and before you know it, the night has passed and you must get everything rolling for a new day.

Surviving on that little sleep gives you an adrenaline rush higher than the one you get from riding on a roller coaster as you gather your wits and nerves to present your hard work and sweat in front of the panel of judges.

However, despite feeling exhausted like never before, you will know it’s all worthwhile as your hard work will be paid off by a nod of approval from the judges, as well as the strong bonding you foster with your team.



2. It challenges your stress limit.

Constant debates within your team and idea pitching to the panel of judges will test the roof of your stress level. Maintaining a calm neutral outlook towards the public and judges despite having disagreements with your teammates, this is a tough skill to learn. Try imagining the amount of stress you would have to handle having to perfect your proposal right before the deadline and to come up with brilliant answer within seconds during the Q&A Session. Even competing in The Hunger Games could not have been this stressful!

Yet at the end of the day, you will be in awe at how you survive juggling between so many obstacles and still manage to keep yourself in one piece. This is definitely something to be proud of regardless of the final results of the competition!


3. It intimidates you with scary judges.

“How do you know this would work?”

“Are you sure this will not fail?”

The judges will constantly direct challenging questions at your team, putting you on the hot seat to think on the spot. They are going to give you a skeptical look, making you and your teammate exchange glances, and think that you have screwed it all up.

By throwing specific questions and critical comments, the judges might appear to be scary but hey, they are not there to intimidate you! They are there to encourage you to think analytically and to guide you to the right thought process! Don’t forget that these judges are representatives from the government ministry and agencies, non-governmental organisations, think tanks, corporates and academia — they are experts in their field and have reputable names!


So what are you waiting for? Test your limits; overcome your boundaries. Apply for MPPC 2015 today to embark on an unforgettable journey which only you yourself could tell if it is the worst journey in your life.

By Freddie and Anderson

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