Welcome to Malaysian Public Policy Competition.

About Us.


Annual case-based competition that engages Malaysian students in a comprehensive public policy making process and organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS).


Participants identify policy gaps and craft policies as feasible solutions to these problems. These proposed policies are then presented to judges such as government bodies and private companies.


MPPC this year aims to bring the wealth of the policies created closer to the areas of pressing need in Malaysia so that they might become more implementable after MPPC.

Public Policy Making.

We aim to provide a non-partisan avenue for Malaysian students to engage in public policy making and encourage students’ critical engagement in public policy research, upholding feasibility and the balance between different stakeholders’ interests.

Empowering Malaysian Youth.

We strive to empower a generation of politically and socially aware Malaysian undergraduates and provide a podium for young Malaysians to speak up on pressing national issues.

Our Theme.

Theme for Malaysian Public Policy Competition 2021 will be revealed soon, stay tuned.