The Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC), organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS), is an annual case-based competition that engages Malaysian students in a comprehensive public policy making process.

Participants design policies under a given theme. This involves fact-finding to identify policy gaps and crafting policies as feasible solutions to these problems. These proposed policies are then presented to judges from change-making organisations such as government bodies, think tanks and private companies.

This competition is a unique opportunity for participants to understand the importance of conception and implementation of public policies, as well as to tackle common dilemmas in striking the right balance between populist policies and realistic policies. The MPPC gives participants the opportunity to not only engage with renowned experts from the government, private sector and academia, but also interact with highly qualified peers who share similarly high levels of passion and curiosity with regards to public policy making. During the residential challenge participants identify pressing national issues, according to a selected theme, and devise policies to address them. Over the years, MPPC has succeeded in giving Malaysian undergraduates a chance at public policy making within the real world context.

MPPC is now entering its 9th installment since its inception in 2011. Looking back, MPPC has come a long way. Students’ positivity and confidence in MPPC as a platform to express and get across their ideas on tangible changes in public policy are increasingly evident, year by year.

Critically, the MPPC this year aims to bring the wealth of the policies created closer to the areas of pressing need in Malaysia. We want policies created to recognize the unique needs and contexts of the regions in Malaysia that need them so that they might become more implementable after MPPC. We also aim to inspire participants to nation-build and provide a generally wholesome policy-making experience.

Entering its ninth edition since its inception in 2011, MPPC 2019 promises to be yet another intellectually stimulating and engaging edition.

Primary Aims

  1. To enable the Malaysian youth to gain comprehensive insights to the policy making process: from conception to implementation.
  2. For policies created to be more targeted and relevant.


  • To provide a non-partisan avenue for Malaysian students to engage in public policy making.
  • To encourage students’ critical engagement in public policy research, upholding feasibility and the balance between different stakeholders’ interests.
  • To empower a generation of politically and socially aware Malaysian undergraduates.
  • To connect like-minded Malaysians of different educational backgrounds in a series of critical engagements.
  • To provide a podium for young Malaysians to speak up on pressing national issues.
  • To establish a prestigious competition brand that would set a yardstick for higher quality undergraduate discourse.