Hello there.

On behalf of the organising committee of MPPC2014, I would like to welcome you to join us in this journey, be it as a participant, volunteer or even audience.

MPPC2013 was a tremendous success and while it has been all too easy to give in to the temptation on resting on one’s (or in this case one’s seniors’) laurels, the current committee has put in much effort to improve the competition. Based off feedback that we received from past participants, there has been changes towards MPPC, especially in terms of the Model Stakeholders Conference (MSC), judging matrix and the Q&A segment of the quarter and semi finals.

In terms of the underlying philosophy of the competition, we have placed renewed focus on the quality and freshness of the policies proposed. It is also our firm belief that the greatest learning takeaways in MPPC are not limited to the seminar sessions or the public policy presentations. Instead a key component of the competition is the interaction among participants, speakers and judges. Hence we have redesigned parts of the programme in order to facilitate increased networking opportunities for all stakeholders involved.

With all these changes taking place, we are excited to have you involved as well. Applications close in 20 days time and we hope to hear from you soon!

David, Project Director



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