As the directors of MPPC 2015, it is our honour to welcome you to our event. It has been a great journey thus far, and the organising committee is doing their best to ensure that MPPC 2015 is another huge success, as the previous years have been.

In the beginning of February, we were entrusted the responsibility of organising MPPC 2015 by our Council, and we made a conscious decision to take on this responsibility. We have a vision for MPPC 2015, but it is not simply for MPPC 2015 to be a competition that generates fruitful discussions and pushes participants beyond their perceived capacities. Of course, we think that this is a necessity. However, what we truly want is for MPPC 2015 to be a platform for change, to leave an imprint on its participants, to provide an experience unlike any other and to ultimately, engender discussions beyond the confines of classrooms and lecture halls. In other words, we want MPPC 2015 to initiate a culture of participation, involvement and contribution in matters concerning our country’s future.

Our hope is that it will make Malaysian youth, as well as the general public more concerned about policy making— a task which shapes and improves our nation—and understand that those small talks in mamak stalls can be unfolded through more constructive actions. We want the youth in Malaysia to know that our nation can be improved in many ways and MPPC is one of the proper and formal platforms in which they can begin with. This is crucial in the development of a better, stronger Malaysia.

We promise to contribute our best effort to MPPC in making this competition the best experience for all those involved, be it the organising committee, participants, volunteers or even spectators, and to make a lasting and beneficial impact on society as a whole. We also hope that through MPPC you will be inspired, that as youths YOU are able to create change because your ideas are important and your voices matter.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone involved, especially our amazing committee for their wonderful efforts and commitment thus far. We couldn’t have asked for a better team!



Sherrinder, Hazel and Aaron

Directors of MPPC 2015

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