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As the country slowly climbs out of the clutches of the pandemic, we figured it was time to deal with the aftermath of all the changes brought on by the onslaught of MCOs. MPPC is venturing into new waters with this year’s lineup of subthemes, and we hope that with the new set of challenges that participants will walk away not only with new insight on policy making but also how their voices are able to make an impact on the country.

Victoria Lai Suyin

Project Director MPPC 202, LinkedIn

Youth are believed to have the ability to reinvent and reform our country. As much as youth will shape the future of our country, they are shaped by the initiatives of our society by provided by our society as a chance to represent the country for a better future. This year, we have gathered more than 25 teams, and 76 participants here in MPPC 2022 to rekindle the spirit of imagining a better Malaysia all with a shared vision. We strive to be an avenue which serves to empower our youths by amplifying their voices and be a non-partisan platform for them to share, explore, and refine possible policies to idealistic aspirations. So do join us and I will see you here in MPPC 2022!

Ong Jia Wei

Deputy Project Director MPPC 2022, LinkedIn

Malaysian Public Policy Competition is a place to ignite the activism spirit in our heart, not just as a normal policy case competition, but a platform that hosts brilliant industry leaders and excellent policymakers to discuss and exchange ideas on specific themes each year! Do take a leap of faith to sign up, because what you will obtain are- networking opportunities with like-minded people, skills to craft public policies, and chances to present your ideas in front of prominent figures in Malaysia. You will never know if you could turn policymaking into your career without taking part in MPPC!

“Be the change you want to see, and it all starts here with MPPC.”

Tan Li Ying

Deputy Project Director MPPC 2022, LinkedIn

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