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1.0 Event Details

1.1 – The Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC) 2023 is organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars (ICMS).

1.2 – Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC) 2023 is a three-day event involving policy-making pertaining to current issues faced by Malaysia.

1.3 – The event will be carried out on the :

Preliminaries: 5/08 (Online)

Semi- Finals: 13/08 (Online)

Grand Finals: 26-27/08 (Physical at Sunway University)

1.4 – Participants will pitch their policies to representatives from governments, corporates, think tanks, and leading academia.

1.5 – There will be an Immersion Day on the 29th of July to build the capacity of the participants on public policy and the theme of the competition regarding AI’s position in revolutionising work.

2.0 Eligibility

The Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC) 2023 is open to students who are:

  • Malaysians, studying locally or abroad
  • Currently pursuing or have completed a diploma or equivalent; pre-University students; or a degree or equivalent (e.g. ICAEW) in an educational institution.
  • Have not commenced a postgraduate course or commenced tenures


3.0 Grouping, Rubric and Mentor System

3.1 – Participants will either apply as a Team of 3, or apply individually and be allocated by the MPPC team into a team of 3.

3.2 – Each team will be assessed using a Judging Rubric (Rubric will be disclosed in the Participants’ Info Pack).

3.3 – Each team will also be allocated a mentor of their choice. Participating teams will be free to communicate with mentors on the number and duration of meetings from a week before (22nd of July) the Immersion Day (29th of July) to the Grand Finals (26th-27th of August).


Interested applicants shall apply individually or as a team of three.

Applicants are required to submit:

  • An online application
  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  •  A 300-500 word policy proposal essay divided into three questions.
4.0 Application Process

4.1 – Applicants must apply as directed on the Malaysian Public Policy Competition (MPPC) 2023 website.

4.2 – The application process will consist of a CV submission and application essay(s). All submissions would be assessed and 84 successful individuals will be shortlisted.

4.3 – The top 28 teams will be selected to participate in MPPC. The selection will be carried out by the MPPC Committee, with support from representatives from the World Bank.

4.4 – Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of CV
  • Quality of Submitted Essay 
  • Meeting the Eligibility Criteria

4.5 – The MPPC committee reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the selection criteria to ensure diversity among participants.


Step 1

Be part of the change, apply for Malaysian Public Policy Competition 2023.

Step 2

MPPC Roadshow:
15 July 2023.

Step 3

Successful applicants will receive thier confirmation letters. Check your email on from 17th July to 21st July 2023.

Moving Forward,





Step 6

Malaysian Public Policy Competition 2023 begins. Grand Finals are livestreamed on 26-27th August 2023.

Step 4

Participants select their mentors and receive their info pack.

Step 5

Immersion Day: Enhancing public policymaking capacity on 29th July 2023.

Step 4

Participants select their mentors by 25th July 2023 and receive their info pack by 28th July 2023.

Step 6

Malaysian Public Policy Competition 2021 begins. Finals are livestreamed on 8 August 2021

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